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Dunfee gold prospect is in west-central Esmeralda County, Nevada, 50 km SSW of Goldfield and 5 km SE of the town of Gold Point. Nubian holds 22 claims. Outcrops of Precambrian Wyman metasediments overlie the Sylvania pluton and are in turn overlain by thrust sheets of Precambrian Reed Dolomite. The area is on a N75W-trending structural zone defined by numerous prospect pits and shafts that explored a quartz-gold vein zone to shallow depth that follows the structure. Depth to underlying intrusive rocks of the Sylvania pluton is expected to be in range of 100-150m. Other veins in the Gold Point region, indicate the width of the vein and gold content improve where the veins pass from meta-sediments into plutonic intrusive rocks which were the source of the gold.
Mapping and sampling has confirmed existence of a broad domal uplift believed to be caused by an apophysis of the Sylvania pluton, which is a possible source of the hydrothermal alteration and gold veins of the area. The domed area, thought to be underlain by a gold porphyry system, is about 1.5 km in diameter. Presence of alteration and gold-quartz veins at surface, with grades of up to 1.0 opt Au, suggest a bulk-tonnage mineable, gold porphyry system may exist at Dunfee, with significant potential. It is an early-stage conceptual target, but could have potential to meet the company objective of +1 M oz gold. Shallow drilling is planned to provide increased property value at low cost.
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